Wonderstream™ is a livestream hosting platform that lets you maintain a direct relationship with your audience—without having to send them to a social media platform like Facebook Live, Periscope, or YouTube. You get to see who is watching, where they’re watching from, and how long they watched.

Wonderstream is easy to set up, with straightforward, pay-as-you-go pricing, that includes useful features like Twitter integration, paywalls, geofencing, and private invite lists.

Wonderstream is for anyone who wants livestreaming to be easy, affordable, and feature-rich, but who doesn’t want to pay a lot for it OR send their audience to a social media platform.

Wonderstream charges $89 for a 140-minute livestream. This includes all features*.

(*Wonderstream and our payment processing partners do take a small portion of paywall revenue. Currently 10% for Wonderstream and 2.9% + $.030 for Stripe. Wonderstream will host your archived video for 30 days after your livestream event. Additional months of hosting are at an additional cost.)

Facebook Live is good for many kinds of livestreaming. However, you lose the ability to see who watched your livestream, not to mention the ability to easily connect with them afterwards via email.

With Wonderstream, you can set up a permanent link to your video and receive the verified email address of everyone who watches it (both before and after it’s live), along with the time they tuned in and how long they watched. You can also integrate Twitter hashtags and use tools like a paywall, geofencing, and private invite lists that Facebook Live doesn’t offer.

Wonderstream is pay-as-you-go. Each livestream event costs $89, which includes all features. There is no requirement for additional billing unless you would like us to continue hosting your archived video after the first 30 days. You can download your video and put it on another site like Vimeo or YouTube at any time.

Most Wonderstream users will capture their own livestream event using a smartphone or tablet with a pre-loaded livestreaming app, or a camera connected to their computer.

Wonderstream does have an events division that produces livestream events—typically, these are large, multi-camera shoots. For the majority of events, you will be able to do a great job on your own using Wonderstream as your platform.

From the Wonderstream site, click “Reserve Livestream.”

This will open the reservation interface, where you will be prompted to input the name of your event and the date/time it will take place.

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll advance to the details interface where you will be prompted to add more information and customize your Wonderstream.

You can edit your event info at any time (prior to its scheduled start time) by logging in with your email address and an unique password you will receive after completing your purchase.

When it is time to begin your livestream, you will be prompted to enter two separate codes we’ve emailed you to connect your camera(s) to our servers.

That’s it!

We have a quick video tutorial that walks you through the process right here. [Link]

Wonderstream sells livestream events in two-hour blocks. This keeps things simple and covers the needs of the vast majority of events. If your event is longer than two hours, you may want to rethink it--few people really want to watch a livestream longer than a feature film. We give you an extra 10 minutes before to set up and test out your stream and 10 minutes afterwards in case you go over.

We automatically start your event so that you don’t have to manually launch it. One less thing for you to do. We time this for 10 minutes before the scheduled start so that you have enough time to ensure your connection is working, etc.. Why leave everything until the last minute, right?

It’s a good practice to launch your stream a few minutes early and just point the camera at the empty stage with the microphone muted (check your streaming app’s documentation for this). This extra 10 minutes does not come out of your 2 hour event time. (We also give you an extra 10 minutes at the end in case you go over.) If you’d like to start streaming more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time, you can click the “Launch Now” button on your “My Account” page under “Livestream Events.”

You can add information about your livestream event on the “Event Details” page. There are three ways to reach this page.

The Event Details will come up immediately after you purchase your event. Any changes you make will be saved here, but if you don’t have every detail on hand, you can come back later by logging into your account. After logging in, go to My Account and you’ll see a listing of Livestream Events.

Each event listing has an Edit Event link and a link to the event page. Click Edit Event to go directly to the edit page. You can also look at the current layout first by clicking the Event Page link and then clicking the Edit Page link from there.

From the Event Details page, you can add or change event details or activate or deactivate optional features like logos, custom accent color, geo-fencing, etc. When you’re done editing your event, click the Save and Preview button to save changes and preview your current page layout.

Check out our Livestreaming App Guide with a roundup of compatible livestreaming apps. We break them down by platform, features and cost so you can find the right app for you. We also provide a quickstart tutorial for all of our recommended apps to show you how to enter your Wonderstream connection codes.

Want to use your own logo on your pages instead of ours? No problem. On the Event Details page under Optional Features, there is a field that reads “+ Upload Your Logo.” Click this to open a dialog box on your device where you can select a .JPG or .PNG format image file to replace the Wonderstream logo on your event page.

If you want to remove the logo, you can replace it by selecting a different image file or click the “Remove Logo” button beneath the logo field.

Not loving our purple accent color? We get it.

On the Event Details page under Optional Features, there is a field that reads “+ Use Custom Accent Color.”

Clicking this field opens a custom color picker. You can either find the color you like or type in the color’s hexadecimal RGB code.

If you want to reset the code to our standard purple, click the Reset Accent Color beneath the Use Custom Accent Color field.

On the Event Details page under Optional Features, there is a field that reads “+ Add Event Sponsor.”

Click the field to create a new set of Sponsor Logo and Sponsor URL fields. Click the Choose Logo File to select the .JPG or .PNG format image file for the sponsor from your device’s storage. If you add a URL to the optional Sponsor URL field next to this image, then clicking the image will send users to the corresponding URL.

You can add multiple sponsors by clicking + Add Event Sponsor again. You can also remove any event sponsor links by clicking the Remove Sponsor button directly beneath each logo file.

A paywall is like a virtual ticket to your event. It allows you to require viewers to pay to view your livestream. We’ve partnered with Stripe to enable payments with a payment processor that your viewers likely already know and trust.

To enable a paywall on your event page, go to the Event Details page. Under Optional Features, click the Enable Paywall field.

Now you can set the price viewers must pay to view your event and connect to your existing Stripe account (or set up a new one) to collect fees paid.

Click the Connect to Stripe button to log into your Stripe account or create a new one. Wonderstream will have limited access to your Stripe account to make payments from the site.

Stripe take a fee to process the payments. You can see Stripe’s fees here: https://stripe.com/us/pricing. Currently they are 2.9%+$0.30 per successful card charge. Wonderstream also takes a facilitation fee of 2.0% of each transaction. Stripe will credit your account for roughly 95% of what your audience pays.

If you want to restrict your event to a private list of email addresses, use the Private Invite List feature.

To enable a Private Invite List, go to the the Event Details page and look under Optional Features for the Enable Private Invite List button.

Clicking this button opens a dialogue box for entering email addresses that can access the livestream event.

You can enter as many email addresses as you like, separated by commas. If you have a long list, consider cutting and pasting file. It is crucial that your viewers' email addresses match the list exactly, so do be careful here.

You can disable the Private Invite List by clicking the X Disable Private Invite List text.

Geofencing lets you filter geographic areas that can and cannot view your events. By default, your event is viewable from anywhere. If you would like to block certain areas from viewing, we have provided a Geofence feature.

To enable Geofence, go to the the Event Details page and look under Optional Features for the Enable Geofence button.

Clicking this button turns on the Geofence feature and opens a dialog box for countries that can view your event. It is initially empty, meaning that for the moment, no one can view your event. Type in the name of a country to allow viewers from that country to view it. Once you add a country in the dialog box, it will show up in the list below it.

Continue adding countries until all the countries you wish to be able to view your content are present. You can remove a country by clicking the X next to its name in the list. You can disable Geofence by clicking the Disable Geofence button beneath the field.

We are continuing to develop the Geofence feature and plan to offer a more robust interface soon.

Those codes are to connect your livestreaming app to your Wonderstream event page. We provide you with a specific internet address and key. These are the RTMP Server URL and Stream Name/Key. By pasting each of these codes into your livestreaming app, you can “tune in” to your event page.

You can find these codes in the email we sent you when you first reserved your livestream event, or from your Account page under Livestream Events. Beneath each pending livestream event is a button reading View Connection Codes.

Click it to view your codes.

We provide a description of how to use these codes for each livestreaming app we’ve tested. Find instructions for the app you’re using on our Livestreaming App Guide.

Adding a Twitter hashtag to your event lets your audience talk back to you while simultaneously promoting your event to their contacts.

On the Event Details page is a Hashtag field.

Click it to type in a single Twitter hashtag. Wonderstream will search for all Tweets that contain this hashtag and display them on your event page.

It’s a good idea to pick a hashtag that is specific to your event so you don’t get a lot of unrelated posts.

You can use almost any livestreaming app or program that supports RTMP Streaming. There are numerous apps out there and the list is growing all the time. We’ve created a Livestreaming App Guide to let you know which apps we’ve found work well for different uses and platforms. We provide a connection guide for each app we recommend.

In general, you’re probably better off using an app that we have already tested. If you want to use a livestreaming app that is not on the list, check that it supports RTMP Streaming. If so, use its menus to set up Custom RTMP broadcasting and add the RTPM Server URL and Stream Name/Key we sent you in the appropriate fields. No password or user name are necessary. Please test your connection early and have one of our approved apps on standby as a backup. We can’t guarantee that any untested app will work.

Each RTMP Streaming app handles connections slightly differently, although the parts are quite similar. We provide a Livestreaming App Guide of apps we have tested with a connection guide for each approved app. We recommend seeing that guide for specific instructions.

The general process for connecting is to go to the Livestreaming app’s Settings page and creating a Connection (or similar) that uses the RTMP Server URL and Stream Name/Key that we provide you in our initial email or from your Account page under Livestream Events by clicking the Connection Codes button.

Here are direct links for our tested livestreaming apps:

Live:Air (iOS)
Live:Air Solo (iOS)
RTMP Streamer (iOS)
Larix Broadcaster (iOS)

Larix Broadcaster (Android)
OS Broadcaster (Android)
RTMP Camera (Android)

Wirecast (MS Windows)

Wirecast (OS X)
Livedesk Studio (OS X)

We feel like the first step to having a great livestream event is to reserve it on Wonderstream. Once you’ve reserved your livestream and fill in the basic event details, you will immediately have a permanent link to your event and a Twitter hashtag to help promote it. This let’s you start reaching out to your audience immediately.

When you tell your audience about the event, make sure to include the date, time, URL, and hashtag. Include this information in all your promotion of the event -- as you also tell your prospective audience what the event will be about, who will be there, and why they should be excited to attend. Prizes and freebies never hurt. And if there will be a paywall, be sure to let people know in advance so it doesn’t come as a surprise. Continue promoting your event right up until it starts (and even once it’s going!).

On the tech side, choose a livestreaming app and try it out before your event so you feel comfortable using it. Our Livestreaming App Guide lists several for various platforms with different features and costs. There’s everything from barebones free apps to full-featured apps with titles, image overlays, and multiple camera switching.

Test out the internet connectivity at your livestream venue. This is your responsibility. We can’t connect to your livestream if you can’t connect to the internet. Livestreaming needs a good connection to provide good quality audio and video--especially if you’ll have multiple cameras. If your internet connectivity is poor, consider using a 4G cellular modem or wireless hotspot. If you are using a public WiFi signal, be aware that your connection level may drop as more people join the system. Wherever possible, get connected to a private, high-bandwidth network.

Expensive cameras aren’t necessary for livestreaming--by the time the signal is encoded for the internet, most benefits from high quality cameras tend to disappear. (Cameras that do well in low light situations may have an advantage over others in these types of filming.) In general, a good smartphone is fine for livestreaming. Providing some kind of holder for the camera or smartphone that keeps it steady during filming can be a real advantage -- for both your viewers and the person operating the camera. A good microphone is very beneficial to a great livestream. If there is an audio board at the venue, talk to the operator about plugging into that signal. If you are only using a smartphone or tablet, try to get it close to the speakers so you can hear them well.

It’s a good idea to have your camera(s) set up in a good area for filming before the general audience enters the venue. Make sure all your devices are charged or plugged in, and turn off receiving calls or emails if you’re using your phone to record the event.

Your event will begin livestreaming 10 minutes before the scheduled start time so that you can ensure the connection is working. This is a great time to enter your connection codes and test the connection. It helps to have another device around to see what you are streaming on your event page. (There can be up to a 1 minute lag from your camera, so don’t worry if your app says it’s connected, but you don’t immediately see the video on your event page.) Once your app is connected and properly streaming, you can just aim the camera at the stage and mute your microphone until the event begins.

After your event, we will send you a link to download all of the viewer stats and email addresses. You may want to respectfully follow up with your viewers after the event.

Once your event is complete, by default we transfer your live video to a hosted server. (This currently takes 1-2 hours. We’re rapidly working to shorten this time.) Once the video transfers over to the hosted server, any viewers who go to your event page can play the video from the start just like any other online video. (If you enabled special access features like a Paywall or Geofence, these will still apply.) Your hosted video remains on your page for 30 days unless you remove it or pay for longer hosting.

You can download your video file from your Account page under Livestream Events. When an event’s status is “Hosted,” there will be a Download Video link. You can download the video and place it anywhere you choose. You can also turn off hosting. We will continue to collect viewer emails and viewing stats for as long as the video is hosted on Wonderstream.

Again, we record your event by default. However, if you do not wish to record your livestream event, be sure to click “No, Do not record and host my livestream.” on the Event Details page under Video Hosting.

The first time you reserve a livestream with Wonderstream, we will send you a confirmation email that includes your username (the email you used to reserve the event) and randomly generated password. Use these to log into the site. Upon logging in, you will be encouraged to change your password. Please do so! You can change your password any time from your Account page under Account Settings by clicking the Change Password button.

Any time you reserve another livestream event, you’ll use your existing login credentials.

After your livestream event is complete, its status will change on your Account page under Livestream Events. Links for Download Emails and View Stats will appear. Click View Stats to see how many people viewed your event. (We are rapidly developing this feature to provide more reporting features to your dashboard.)

Yes. On your Event Detail page under Option Features, enable Paywall and connect to your Stripe account (or create a new one) so that you can collect payment.

For more details, see What is a Paywall and how do I set it up?.

Yes. On your Event Detail page under Option Features, enable Geofence.

For more details see What is geofencing and how do I set it up?.

Once you reserve your livestream, we will send you a permanent URL link for your event page. You can publicize this with your event so people will know where to tune in.

Your viewers never have to download a new app or sign up for a service in order to watch your livestream. When someone goes to your event page URL, they will see basic details about the event and can provide their email address and accept our terms of service. We will immediately send a message to that email address to verify it. The message will have a link allowing that user to view the event. This allows us to ensure that you know who is watching your event.

If you’ve enabled a paywall for your event, the user will first need to pay for access using Stripe.

We are working to provide the best information available to connect you to your viewers. At the moment, you will receive a list of verified email addresses for everyone who signed in to your event. We can also tell you the total number of unique viewers and the top three areas that viewers viewed from based on their IP addresses. Very shortly we also plan to provide stats about when each viewer logged in and how long they watched.

Yes. If you have chose to have us record and host your video (no extra charge for 30 days) it will be available for viewing after your event is concluded. It currently takes 1-2 hours for the event to switch over.

Livestreaming on Wonderstream is extremely easy and we recommend that most viewers use mobile devices and livestreaming apps. However, we also work with experienced crews. If your event is already going to be filmed by a camera crew, we can show them how to add livestreaming easily with Wonderstream.

If your event requires a professional crew and you don’t already have one, we can work with you to find a crew that will work with your needs and budget. Please get in touch with Leroy Mack [email protected].

Yes! It’s really easy and we will show you how to do it. A smartphone with a free or inexpensive livestreaming app is really all you need. Check out the How-To section.

Some livestreaming apps allow multiple camera setups. These tend to be more expensive than bare bones apps. Please see our Livestreaming App Guide and look for apps that allow multiple cameras.

Some livestreaming apps allow text overlays and preloaded images or video files. These tend to be more expensive than bare bones apps. Please see our Livestreaming App Guide and look for apps that allow these features. One we use quite a bit is Teradek’s Live:Air for the iPad.

You really can’t livestream to the internet without internet connectivity. Poor internet connection is the primary cause of a poor livestream experience. We strongly recommend that you check out the internet availability of your venue before your event. This is your responsibility. We can’t connect to your livestream if you can’t connect to the internet.

Livestreaming needs a good connection to provide good quality audio and video--especially if you’ll have multiple cameras. If your internet connectivity is poor, consider using a 4G cellular modem or wireless hotspot. If you are using a public WiFi signal, be aware that your connection level may drop as more people join the system. Wherever possible, get connected to a private, high-bandwidth network.

If your event’s location does not have wifi or ethernet, but does have cellular connectivity, consider using a cellular hotspot or cellular modem to allow you to stream your event.

Big picture: We are in the business of delivering great livestreaming experiences so that organizations can better connect with their audiences. We are not in the business of selling user data outside of reporting to livestream presenters who watched their livestream events, from where, and when.

Wonderstream collects information from livestream viewers including email addresses, geographic location, viewing times of events, Twitter posts, payment transactions, and metadata. We share this information with the presenter of each specific event viewed (our client). We may also use this information internally to inform our own business decisions about operating and growing Wonderstream. Finally, we naturally must share some information with our direct business partners (e.g. payment processing partners) as necessary to facilitate transactions and hosting, and with governmental organizations as required by law (e.g. tax reporting). We do not share this information with any other third parties.

Wonderstream collects information about our clients (livestream presenters) including email addresses, payment transactions, video streams, and metadata. We do not share this information with third parties except for our direct business partners (e.g. payment processing partners) as necessary to deliver our business services, and with governmental organizations as required by law (e.g. tax reporting).


Your event will have its own unique page under the wonderstream.net domain. This is a permalink that is created as soon as your event is purchased. You can link to this directly from your site to make for a seamless browsing experience for your viewers.