Livestream Events

Easy to use, $89 per stream flat rates, great features

Why Livestream via Wonderstream?

  • Establish direct connection with your audience.
  • Fast, easy setup with measurable results.
  • Control your content and its context.
  • Flat-rate, pay-as-you-go pricing.


Extend your brand with your own logo and colors on your livestream page.


If your event has sponsors, you can feature them front and center. Add value to your sponsorship opportunities by offering placement on your livestream page.


Integrated Twitter feed encourages audience engagement opportunities in real-time. Viewers can ask questions, offer comments, and share online resources directly alongside your live event video.


Optional paywall and geofencing capabilities let you monetize your livestream by charging a price (that you set) for viewer access. You can also set geographic boundaries to control where your livestream is (or isn’t) available.

Viewer Metrics

Following your livestream, we make the metrics available to you so you can measure your impact. Learn where your viewers watched from, when they joined, and how long they viewed. Plus, you’ll receive access to the verified email address they used to access your livestream so you can follow up after the event.

Included with every Livestream

  • Live HD Video. Stream up to resolutions of 1080p

  • Twitter Integration. Connect with your audience via Twitter #hashtag before, during, and after your event.

  • Dedicated Streaming Channel. Start promoting your event before your event with a permalink to your livestream page.

  • 30 days of Hosted Video. Your video will automatically
remain accessible on its Wonderstream™ page for 30 days
after your livestream ends.

  • Branded Event Page. Customize your livestream with a custom color and logo.

  • Sponsorhip Links. Add images and link to sponsors
websites directly from your event page.

  • Restrict Access with Geofence. Decide where in the world
your livestream can and can’t be viewed.

  • Monetize Your Event. Create your own pay-per-view channel
using the Wonderstream™ paywall powered by stripe.

How to Livestream with WonderstreamWonderstream



Purchase, schedule, and customize your livestream hosting page in as little as four minutes.


Go Live

Whether you stream your event from a single smartphone or use multiple cameras, we can show you the right tools and techniques that will make your livestream easy to set-up and interesting to watch.



Kick back and enjoy the response to your event. Stay in touch with your audience via both Twitter and email and make sure they know about your next event.

Reserve Your Livestream

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